What is the Portal?

A secure web page for your customers to view their transactions.

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Method portal is a dedicated and secure web page for your customers to:

  • Access and update their account details

  • View and print transactions

  • Make payments to your company

  • And more depending on subscribed apps

Further Features

  • Create a single url to put on your website or share with customers.
    Example: http://signin.methodportal.com/YourNameHere

  • Brand the portal with your own logo.

  • Easily managed. Any contact with an email address can log in.

  • Transaction email notifications sent to your customers will link to new portal.

  • Password-less secure authentication - no more headache having to remember passwords for portal users. Securely sign in with sign-in code provide by a sniper link (direct link to a filtered inbox view).

  • Customers who log in will be signed in for 30 days if they use the same browser. If they change browsers or machines, they will need to sign in again.

  • In-application login popups within the portal.

  • Easier, centralized portal navigation management.

  • Easy mobile sign in with email link.

  • Single Sign-on options with Google and Microsoft.

Signing into the Portal

When a contact signs in, they will be sent the following email with a sign-in code:

They will need to cut and paste the above code, or click on the link, before getting access to the portal. The above sign-in code is not a password that needs to be saved for later logins.

If they need to sign in at a later date, or are in a different browser, they will be sent an email again with a different sign-in code.

Note: In order for your customer to log in, they must exist in your Method account with an email.

More Information

For more information, please see these articles:

For more information on how using portals may affect licensing, please see Portals and Public Pages Fair use Policy.

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