Method:CRM provides an out-of-the-box portal for your customers to sign into and view and pay for transactions.


  • Create a single url to put on your website or share with customers.
  • Brand the portal with your own logo.
  • It's easily managed. Any contact with an email address can log in.
  • Transaction email notifications sent to your customers will link to new portal.
  • The portal is secure; it requires a sign-in code to log in.
  • Password-less authentication - no more headache having to remember passwords for portal users. Securely sign in with sign-in code.
  • Customers who log in will be signed in for 30 days if they use the same browser. If they change browsers or machines, they will need to sign in again.
  • In-application login popups within the portal.
  • Easier, centralized portal navigation management.
  • Easy mobile sign in with email link. 

For more information on how using portals may affect licensing, please see Portals and Public Pages Fair use Policy.

Portal Settings

To configure your portal, you will need to click the preferences icon in the upper corner and then navigate through: Account Settings > Portal

This will bring you to the Portal Settings where you can configure the following three sections:

  • Sign In - Edit portal access and sign in
  • Screens - View a list of screens that are accessible by guest users
  • Navigation & Sign In As - Edit the links and style of the navigation and test out your users' portal experience

See the above related articles linked for more information.

Getting the Sign-In Code Email

When a contact signs in, they will be sent the following email with a sign-in code:

They will need to cut and paste the above code before getting access to the portal. The above sign-in code is not a password that needs to be saved for later logins. 

If they need to sign in at a later date, or are in a different browser, they will be sent an email again with a different sign-in code.

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