Account Settings: Portal

Configuring the portal for contacts to sign into.

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Admin permission is required to access the customer portal settings.

Method provides an out-of-the-box portal for your customers to sign into and view and pay for transactions. For more information, see our article "What is the Portal?"

Note: In order for your customer to log in to their portal, they must have their email updated.

Portal Settings

To configure your portal, you will need to click the preferences icon in the upper corner and then navigate through: Account Settings Portal

This will bring you to the Portal Settings:

  • Take offline button - Set portal to either Online or Offline. When set to offline, the link will inform the user the portal is inactive.

  • Test drive button - View what the portal looks like as a specific contact.

  • Settings - Configure your portal url, name, email, and branding.

  • Navigation - Edit the links and style of the navigation.

  • Screens - View a list of screens that are accessible by guest users.

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