Before you start sending emails to your customers and leads, you must create an Email Campaign in the Email Campaigns app

This email campaign can be later associated to a lead, or an opportunity.

Create a New Campaign

1. Click ⊕ New on your Email Campaigns App. 

2. This opens the Email Campaign screen. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • Campaign Name: Give your campaign a descriptive and unique name (e.g. March fundraiser).

  • Assigned To: Assign a Method:CRM user to the campaign. By default, the user signed in is selected.

  • Status: Give the campaign a status. By default, the status is set to planned.

  • Start and End Dates: Assign a start and end date for information purposes only. If you set the start date for the future, pressing Send Emails will still immediately send the emails regardless of this date. 

  • Description: Give context to your campaign. 

  • Step 1: Create Email Content: This will take you to another screen to create the email to send out. 

  • Step 2: Select Contacts to Email: This will take you to another screen to create the list of contacts you wish to send the email to.

  • Attachments: These attachments will be included in the email you send out.

  • Create activity for each contact after sending email: For every contact you send an email to, an activity will be created to indicate they were included in this email campaign.

  • Comments: Comments for the activity created above. 

  • Schedule a follow-up activity: For every contact you send an email to, a follow-up activity will be created. Checking this box will let you set the parameters for the follow-up activity.

Email Campaign Buttons

When you are finished creating your campaign, there are a number of buttons. 

  • Delete: Delete the campaign.

  • Duplicate: All information from the campaign, including email content and mail list, are duplicated. The campaign is given the title Copy of [Campaign Name] and can be edited.

  • Save & Back: Save the campaign and go back to the previous screen. This does not send the emails. 

  • Send Test Emails: This will send test emails out.

  • Send Emails: This will send out the email campaign to all the contacts selected in Step 2 above.

  • Save: Save the campaign, but do not send out emails.

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