Create an Email Campaign

How to create an email marketing campaign

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Before you start sending emails to your customers and leads, you must create an Email Campaign in the Email Campaigns app

NOTE: To minimize the likelihood of recipients marking messages as spam, please see our article "Email Marketing Best Practices".

When creating a new campaign, you will be taken through four different sections:


  1. Click ⊕ New on your Email Campaigns app to create a new campaign.

  2. This opens the first section: Setup.

  • Campaign Name: An internal campaign name to help organize and locate easily within your account.

  • Subject line: The email subject line that will be visible in your recipient's inbox and is the first content they will see.

  • From email: The address the email will be sent from.

  • From name: A name to help campaign recipients recognize you in their inbox.

From here, the buttons offer a few choices:

  • More actions []

    • Archive: Set the status of the email campaign to Archive.

    • Duplicate: All information from the campaign, including email content and mail list, are duplicated. The campaign is given the title Copy of [Campaign Name] and can be edited.

  • Save & next: Save and continue with the email campaign creation to the design section.


Once you setup the initial configuration for the campaign, you will create the content of the email to be sent out.

  • Select from existing template: Select a template from the Send Email app. This will populate the email body.

  • Email body: The body of the email. This will also allow for merge fields. For more information, see our article Using Mail Merge in an Email.

  • Append an opt-out message and link to your email: This message will include the Opt-out message.

  • Opt-out message: This opt-out message is the default as defined in the preferences. You can alter it here without affecting the default message.

To continue with the email campaign setup, click Save & next, or click Previous to edit the previous section.


Once you have created the content of your email, it's time to determine where the email will be sent. You will need to create a mailing list of recipients.

  • Filter views: To narrow down your list, select one of the follow filter views:

    • Selected Contacts to Email : Contacts who will be emailed.

    • Excluded - Missing or Invalid Emails : Contacts who won't be emailed because their emails are missing or do not work.

    • All Excluded : Contacts who won't be emailed because of a missing or invalid email, and because they have opted out.

    • Show Sent : Contacts who have already been emailed.

  • Search Bar: Filter the list further by typing in a search term.

  • Checkbox Column: Choose to load specific contacts by checking the checkbox next to their name.

  • Opt-out Checkboxes: The app does not load contacts if they are marked to opt out of marketing or billing emails. You can still send emails to these contacts by clicking the checkboxes at the bottom of the list, which overrides the contact's settings for this email only.

Clicking the Add selected button will inform you on how many contacts you've chosen to send the email campaign to.

The list of contacts in the grid will change and the Filter list will specify you are looking at Selected Contacts to Email. The following buttons will show up at the bottom.

  • Remove selected: If you select contacts in this grid, you can remove them from the Selected Contacts to Email.

  • Select more contacts: Go back to the previous list to add more contacts.

  • Previous: Go back to the previous section to Design the email.

  • Next: Continue to the next section to Review and Send the email campaign.

Review and Send

When the campaign's been setup, the email has been written, and the contacts have been selected, you will want to test and launch your email campaign. Note the edit buttons in the below image. This will allow you to go back and edit the previous sections.

  • Attachments: You can add an attachment to your email

  • Send test: This will send a test email to the email address(es) specified below. Use commas to separate multiple emails.

  • Usage x/5000: Paid subscribers are allowed to send to 5000 email recipients for free per month. If you want to add more recipients to your campaign, click the link to view your Account Settings: Communication. During your trial period, you can only send up to 100 email recipients until you are a paid subscriber.

  • Send campaign: This will start the process to email the campaign out to your recipients. Depending on the number of recipients, this process may take a few minutes. The emails will be queued and processed in the background.

When an email campaign is sent out, every recipient will have an Email outgoing activity created for them indicating the email campaign.

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