Even though Method:CRM comes with stock email templates, the whole point of Method:CRM is to tailor your CRM experience to your business practices, so we’ve included an option to create a new email template.

The following steps will show you how to create a basic email template without using mail merge. If you want to learn about using mail merge, please see our article "Using Mail Merge in an Email."

1. Click ✎ Edit Templates on your Send Email App. 

2. This opens your Email Template List, which displays all templates currently saved in Method:CRM.

3. Click New Email Template to open the New/Edit Email Template screen. 

  • Name: Choose a unique, descriptive Name (e.g. “Maintenance Notification”).

  • Assigned To: Assign the template to a Method:CRM user. By default, this template is assigned to the user signed in.

  • Add an email recipient (“To”), a default sender (“From”) and copy or blind-copy recipients (“CC”, “BCC”) if applicable.

  • Choose a Subject for the email.

  • Fill in the Body of the email using the text editor.

  • Email Template is Hidden: Some templates are specific to Method:CRM-generated emails (like notifications to users). Method:CRM can access hidden templates, but users won’t see it nor can they select it in dropdowns.

  • Category: Choose a category that reflects the purpose of this template, or the department it's most likely to be used by. You can create your own categories by selecting New / Edit Template Category in the dropdown.

  • Click Save to save your new email template.

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