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Why are emails in email campaigns showing as blocked?
Why are emails in email campaigns showing as blocked?

If you aren't subscribed, emails in the email campaigns app may be blocked when sending.

Updated over a week ago

After creating an email campaign in the Email Campaigns app, you may find all the emails will have a status of Blocked. For more information, please see our article "Why is my email status "blocked"?".

The Cause of Blocked Emails

  • Accounts on a Method Trial only will block emails on the Email Campaigns app as a preventative measure to prevent spamming and the misuse of our batch emailing services.

  • Accounts with a trial version of QuickBooks or Xero account on top of a trial Method account are not allowed to send out emails. All emails will be blocked.

  • Furthermore, even when subscribed, the limit for sending out emails is set to 5000 recipients per month.

The Solution

  1. Subscribe to Method.

  2. If emailing more than 5000 people, enable the Paid Tier in your Account Settings.

  3. Duplicate the email campaign and send it again.

NOTE: To ensure your email does not get sent to spam, it is encouraged you add Method's email server SPF record to your email domain.

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