In some cases Method:CRM's Classic Import Tool can be used to update multiple records. The steps below will outline how this can be done.

Note: The Import / Export tool will be unable to delete data from a table. In order to do so, you would need to customize a screen to do mass deletes. 

1. Click the blue icon in the upper right and select Integrations.

2. Select Launch Import/Export Tool.

3. Select Use our Classic Import Tool.

First: Export existing data

To update existing data, we always recommend exporting the latest data first. Below, we will use the example of exporting the Opportunities Stages table. 

1. Select Export a table to a file.

2. Select the table where your data is stored from the dropdown list. Uncheck "Show only common tables" if your table isn't listed in the dropdown.

3. Choose fields you wish to change

4. You MUST have the RecordID field as a field to export. 

5. Click Export to file... button. This should download a .csv file.

Note: You do not need to export any field that ends in "_RecordID", for example, "OpportunityStageCategory_RecordID". 

Second: Update your data

It is now time to update the file with your new data.

  1. Open the downloaded file from above.

  2. Update the file with the new data.

  3. Do NOT alter the RecordID column. That identifies which records to change.

  4. Import the data as a .csv or .xls file.

Third: Mass update data

You should now be ready to update the data back into Method:CRM. Below, we will continue using the example with the Opportunities Stages table. 

1. Return to the Classic Import Tool in Method:CRM.

2. Select Import into a table from a file.

3. Select the same table you exported from.

4. Upload the file with your updated data.

5. Click Import Data. This will take you to Import - Step 2: Prepare Data.

6. For "2. Set options:," select Update existing record by matching key fields.

7. Make sure RecordID is also checked.

8. Remember, the RecordID must be included in the import file for this to work. The columns to import should automatically set 'to Existing Field'.

9. Scroll to the bottom and click Import Data.

10. Click Begin Import and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.

11. Click Finished.

And we're done! The records have been updated.

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