Insert Records Into Table Action

An action to insert a record or duplicate a record.

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Note: This action is for creating a record which does not exist. If you wish to make changes to an existing record, you will need to use the action Update Fields in Table.

The Insert Records Into Table action can be used to do three things:

  • Add a brand new record into an existing table.

  • Duplicate a record in an existing table.

  • Create a new occurrence in a series of the Activity table. 

Add a New Record

This action isn't the only way to insert a record into a Method table (often, the Save All action is used to save a record from a user-facing screen), but it is a way for Method to add a new record as part of an action sequence.

  1. Select a Table: Choose the table to add a record to.

  2. Insert As: Select New record to create a new record.

  3. Field(s): Choose one or more fields to insert data into.

  4. Populate Using This Value: You can manually enter user defined data, or pull a value from a control, session variable, or an action result.

  5. For manually entering data, use this input box.

  6. ⊕ Add another field: Add another field to insert data into.

  7. Action Result Name:  the Record ID of the newly created record will be stored in an action result of your naming.

Note: Any fields that are required will automatically appear and must be filled in before the record will save.

Duplicate a Record

When you choose to duplicate a record, different parameters come up to configure. We will only cover the parameters that differ from adding a new record as explained above.

  1. Insert As: Select Duplicate record to create a copy of a record.

  2. Record to Duplicate: You can manually enter a Record ID, or use a value taken from a control, action result, or session variable.

  3. Fields to Override: You can choose to fields to have new values, as opposed to copying the original value.

  4. Fields to Omit: You can choose to have one or more fields not be copied over. 

  5. Some system fields will be automatically omitted such as: The listed fields will not be copied over to the new duplicated record. This will be different depending on the table chosen.

Create a New Occurrence in Series

When selecting the Activity table, and only when you select the Activity table, you will get a third option: create a new occurrence in a series. For more information about recurring activities, please see our article "Recurring Activities". 

  1. Insert As: Select New occurrence in series, which is only available if Activity is chosen as the table.

  2. Series RecordID: You can manually enter a Record ID, or use a value taken from a control, action result, or session variable. You need to make sure you choose a record which is a Series.

  3. Fields to Populate: Note the fields which are pre-chosen to fill in. Since it is an occurrence, these are the only fields you will need to change. 

  4. Note that if you set IsChangedOccurrence to True, then the new occurrence will be orphaned. Please see Recurring Activities for more information.

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