The following steps will show you how to log a donation in Method:Donor's Donations App. We recommend you set up your App Preferences before proceeding.

If you have a payment gateway set up, you will also have the option to process the payment for the donation.

NOTE: If you are using QuickBooks Online as your accounting software, please see our article Log a Donation in Method:Donor for QBO Accounts.

Log a Donation

1. Click ⊕ New on your Donations App, or ⊕ New Donation from the Donations List screen.

2. This opens the New Donation screen. Choose a Donor (a customer) to associate with this donation. If you are logging a donation for someone new, click Add New Donor in the dropdown of Donor.

3. When you select the customer, the customer's address will show. Also, a number of fields will show for you to fill in. At the top, you will see a link to the customer and on the right are the open and closed activities associated to this donation (which there are none).

4. The next few fields are optional to fill in:

  • Donation #: transaction number for donation

  • Date: date of donation

  • Representative: This will be the Sales Rep you have assigned this donation to.

  • Class: This is the program the donation is for. It is only visible if class tracking is enabled in QuickBooks.

  • Tags: see Tags.

  • Opportunity: If you have the Opportunities App, you can associate this donation with the opportunity.

5. The next few checkboxes deal with how the transaction is dealt with in QuickBooks:

  • Don't sync with QuickBooks: When checked, this donation will NOT sync to QuickBooks. When unchecked, this donation will be saved to QuickBooks as a Sales Receipt.

  • Pending for Approval: Flags the sales receipt in QuickBooks as "pending"; do not send this to the customer yet.

  • Print later from QuickBooks: Flags the sales receipt in QuickBooks as "to be printed".

  • Email later from QuickBooks: Flags the sales receipt in QuickBooks as "to be emailed".

6. The next fields deal with payment options.

  • Payment Method: Type of payment.

  • Deposit to Account: Choose the bank account the payment will initially be deposited in. This field is populated by QuickBooks.

  • Check #: Assign a check number if applicable.

7. Process with Payment Gateway: If you have a payment gateway set up, you can immediately process the donation with a selected payment gateway. Once a payment has been processed.

  • The checkbox to process payment gateway will no longer appear

  • The Check # will be filled with the appropriate reference number from the payment gateway.

8. The editable grid allows you to add a donation item. Just click in each cell of the grid and add in the donation items.

  • The Description and Amount fields populate from your QuickBooks file but can be edited afterwards.

  • The Program dropdown is populated with QuickBooks classes. You can learn more about classes in the Classes branch of our Help Center.

9. The next few checkboxes help you keep track of your donations:

  • Sent Email: Automatically checked if an email has been sent via the Send Email button.

  • Sent Letter: Automatically checked if a letter has been printed via the Print Letter & Receipt button.

  • Sent Receipt: This is automatically checked if a receipt has been printed via the Print Letter & Receipt button.

  • Donation made Anonymously: Check this manually if the donation is anonymous.

  • Donation made In Honor: Check this manually if the donation is made in honor of.

  • Donation made in Memory: Check this manually if the donation is made in memory of.

Saving the Donation

When you're finished, click Save. Your donation has been logged! When you save the donation, the Total updates at the bottom and top of the donation.

If you wish to create an activity related to this donation (e.g. if a first-time donor called to donate) you can do so by selecting the activities icon on the right and then clicking ⊕ New. You can learn more about activities on our Help Center.

At the bottom, you will find a few more buttons:

  • More Actions [▾] - Clear / New: Clear the donation form to enter in a new donation.

  • More Actions [▾] - Delete: Delete your donation. Note: Deleting a donation cannot be undone.

  • Print Letter & Receipt: please see Print a Receipt in our help center for more information on printing a receipt and thank you letter.

  • Email: please see Email a receipt in our help center for more information.

  • Save [▾] - Save the donation.

  • Save [▾] - Save & New: Save the current donation and then clear it to enter in a new donation.

  • Save [▾] - Save & Back: Save the donation and navigate to the previous screen.

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