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Collecting donations from your website

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In order to make your donor page available on your website, the form must be created and you must have the link to that Method:Donor public page in order to embed it in your website.

Getting the Link

The following steps will show you where you can find the link to your form.

  1. Click Setup on your Donor Pages App. This opens your main setup page.

  2. The link to your public donate now page is under Test Drive.

The URL for your public page is available on this screen, but it is strongly recommended you do not share this link until you have completed all of your setup process, or the page will not work as intended.

Embedding the Form

The next step is embedding this Method:Donor public page (your donor page) on your website via an iframe.

An iframe is an HTML technique used to display or embed a webpage within a web page. Iframes are an easy and effective way when using a third party website (like your donor page) in which you want your website visitors to interact with without leaving your website.

  1. First, you need your full URL. When you click the MIurl.cc link, it should take you to your donation page. The full URL will be a long address and will look similar to this, but with your own account details:

  2. Open up a text editor, and copy and paste this into the text editor:

    <iframe src="[FULL_URL_HERE]" 
    frameborder=0 style="width: 460px; height: 1000px; border: 0;"></iframe>
  3. Replace [FULL_URL_HERE] with the full URL from step 1.

    <iframe src="https://popandskate.method.ws/apps/
    frameborder=0 style="width: 460px; height: 1000px; border: 0;"></iframe>
  4. On your website, edit the page you would like to add this iframe to and insert the above code where appropriate.

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