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Embed Web to Lead form on your GoDaddy site
Embed Web to Lead form on your GoDaddy site

How to use iframe to embed the web to lead form on your GoDaddy site.

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This article will show you how to integrate your web to lead form into your existing GoDaddy hosted website by using an iFrame.

Get the Link for your Web to Lead Form

The following steps will show you where you can find the link to your form.

  1. Select your Web to Lead App.

  2. Select the web to lead form you wish to embed.

  3. This will edit your web to lead form. On the right, you will find a URL under Link To Form. However, this is a shortened link. Do not use this! You will need to use the expanded link.

  4. To expand the link, click the address and and it will open the Web-to-lead form in a new tab. The full URL will be a long address and will look similar to the image below. Keep this tab open, because you will need to copy the long link as shown. Do not use the link:

  5. Copy the longer link as shown above. Do not use the link.

Note: Make sure the form is enabled by clicking the checkbox. If the form is not enabled, it will not work.

Embed Web to Lead Form in GoDaddy Site

There are a number of places you may want to put your web to lead form. In this example, we'll create a new page.

  1. Login to your GoDaddy Website.

  2. Add a new page and name it how you wish. Then create the new page.

  3. Add a new section, then search for HTML and add it.

  4. Copy the following HTML code to your clipboard exactly as shown below:

    <iframe src="[LINK]" frameborder=0 style="width: 100%; height: 1000px; border: 0;">
  5. Within your GoDaddy site, paste the HTML code you copied into Custom Code.

  6. Replace [LINK] with the long URL from the previous section.

  7. Click Done.

When you are satisfied with the page, you can publish it.

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