When you click Send to MailChimp, your contacts will be added to the MailChimp list and an email will be sent to you with a summary of the export. 

This email will inform you when a contact is not sent. 

Send To MailChimp Button Does Nothing

If you do not get the above email, and no contacts are added to your MailChimp list, try creating a brand new list within MailChimp and use this new list to export to. 

Alternatively, it could be that your list has special characters in it, such as commas, periods, or dashes. Try to remove any special characters in your list name and sending again. You can do this by going to Audience→Manage Audience→Settings→Audience name and defaults. Change the name and remove any special characters and hit Save Audience And Campaign Defaults. Try sending again in Method:CRM by refreshing and reselecting the list that no longer has special characters.

Method:CRM has filtered the contact

Method:CRM will not a send a contact to MailChimp if:

  • The contact has unsubscribed from receiving marketing emails (see creating customers or leads).

  • The contact has a missing or invalid email address.

Currently, at this time, there is no way to override this filter.

MailChimp has rejected the contact

There are a few reasons why MailChimp will not accept a contact, and this mirrors the same import errors you would get if you were importing contacts directly in MailChimp.

Method:CRM is not displaying all MailChimp lists

If you possess more than ten lists in MailChimp, you may have noticed that Method:CRM is not displaying them all. The reason for this is because MailChimp only allows third-party integrations to sync with ten lists at a time. 

Method:CRM will display the ten lists in order of creation. To show new lists in Method:CRM, you will need to remove existing lists in MailChimp until there are less than ten. The next list created after doing this will then be visible in Method:CRM. 

Tags created in Method:CRM not importing to MailChimp

When Method:CRM imports data into MailChimp, the sync process searches for the required fields to insert the data into. Tags in MailChimp are only used for internal list organization and can only be accessed via the user interface. This means that third-party integrations do not have access to the tags field for data imports. 

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