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Accessing Method Integrations
Accessing Method Integrations

Integrate Method with popular 3rd party services.

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Method has a number of integrations which is accessible to administrators of the account.ย 

To access your Method accounts integrations, click the upper-right preferences circle icon and then clicking Integrations.

This will take you to the Integrations Screen which list out integrations available with Method.

Below, we'll do an overview with related articles.

  • QuickBooks Sync: Allows you to configure your QuickBooks sync as well as perform manual syncs. Depending on which version of QuickBooks you are using, please see:

  • Import & Export: The Import / Export tool allows you to transfer information between Method and a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for users who want to import large lists of leads when first signing up to Method.

  • Payment Gateways: A payment gateway allows you to accept credit card payments directly within Method:CRM.

  • Method:Sidebar for Gmail: Allows you to see Method:CRM data within the inbox of your gmail account.

  • Google Calendar: If you use your Google OpenID to sign into Method, a new Google Calendar is automatically created for you.

  • Method: API: The Method:API is an easy programming interface for software developers to access, add and edit data for your Method account.

  • Authorization Codes: Manage codes given to external applications that allow them to connect to Method:CRM without your email and password.

  • MailChimp: Send Contacts from Method to your MailChimp account.

  • Outlook Gadget: Find Contacts, Invoices, Opportunities, Activities, Estimates and Sales Receipts related to emails received.

  • Zapier: Connect Method to 2,000+ other web services.

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