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Email Signatures Do not Show in Emails
Email Signatures Do not Show in Emails
How to show your email signatures in email
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Email signatures are defined in the User Profile preferences for each Method:CRM User.

Note: Email signatures are restricted to only 1000 characters.

Updating An Email Template

In many cases, Method:CRM sends emails using Email Templates. In order to have the signature in the email, it needs to be added to the Email template. To verify or add it:

1. Select Edit Templates on the Send Email App.

2. From the list of email templates, select an email template to update.

3. Within the body of the email template, add this merge field exactly as written:


The below image has an example of the signature in the Overdue Balance Reminder template:

4. Save this email template, and you're done.

Note: If you just want to add the email signature to one email, and not for all future emails that use the email template, add the same merge field at the bottom of your email:

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