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How to Add an Image to your Email Signature
How to Add an Image to your Email Signature

Embedding an image for your email sig

Updated over a week ago

Your email signature can have an image and can be uploaded within your User Profile.

Note: Email signatures are restricted to a 1000 characters.

Add an Image to Your Email Signature Example

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper-right and then select User Profile

  2. Select Email.

  3. Beside Signature, click within the HTML text input where you want to add an image. The example below already has a text signature set.

  4. Click the plus symbol with the vertical ellipsis to expand its menu.

  5. Click the picture icon.

  6. Drag your image into the Drop image box. You also have the option to link an existing image if it's publicly available on a web server.

  7. By clicking and dragging one of the blue boxes on the corners of your image, you can resize your image.

  8. Click Save all changes and your signature will be saved with your image.

If your signature is not showing up in your emails, please see our help article "Email Signatures do not show in emails". 

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