The import/export tool allows you to transfer information between Method:CRM and a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for users who want to import large lists of leads when first signing up to Method:CRM.

The tool can also be used to mass-update existing information without having to do so manually. Best of all, you can use the import/export tool with Method:CRM tables, QuickBooks tables, and even custom tables you’ve built yourself!


In order to be able to import, there are a few requirements.

  • There are only two types of files you can import. Your import file must be of file type .csv or an .xls Excel file. Unfortunately, you cannot use .xlsx files at this time.

  • Administrative permissions is required for import and export. 

  • API permissions is required for import and export.

To grant a user access to the Import / Export tool, please see our article Giving Access to the Import / Export Tool.

Accessing the Import / Export Tool

Once you have enabled these permissions, your user (or users) will be able to access the import/export tool by doing the following:

1. In the upper right corner, select the blue icon and then select Integrations.

2. Click Import & Export.

This will take you to step 1 of the Import / Export menu. Depending on what you need to do, please check out our articles for:

If this is your first time importing and/or exporting to or from Method:CRM, we recommend you follow the steps very carefully to ensure you don’t make mistakes with your data.

Accessing Advanced Import / Export 

The current import wizard only allows you to import leads and customers. If you wish to export data, or import into other tables, you will need to use our Classic Import tool

1. Follow the above instructions to get to the import screen.

2. Click the link Classic Import Tool.

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