The Activities Calendar will show you the activities scheduled in your Method account for different users (referred to as Resources). 

Note: Not every activity type is shown in this calendar. For example, it wouldn't make sense to show an email incoming type of activity. 

Each activity in the calendar is coloured by their status:

If you hover over an activity with your mouse, you can see more details about that activity.

Using Resources to See Multiple Users

The Resources dropdown lets you show other users’ calendars. Adding another user will add another column or row depending on vertical or horizontal layouts, allowing you to compare activities side-by-side. Use the Remove option beside each listed user to hide their calendar.

In the below image, there are two users shown in the resources section: Errol and Mary. Note how the calendar is also split into columns called Errol and Mary

Viewing the Calendar

By default, the calendar screen displays the List view for the current day, and only displays the activities assigned to the user logged in.

Calendar Views & Layouts

Above the calendar, you will find different Views to see your activities. There are four different views you can choose from: Day, Week, Month, and List

Each of these views may have different layouts

Day and Week views have the following three layouts based on how to show the activities with multiple Method users.

  • Standard - View activites for each user.
  • Vertical - View activities, separated by user into columns.
  • Horizontal - View activities separated by  into rows.

List View has two layouts: weekly and monthly.

All Day View

At the top of the calendar, you will find a gear which will allow you to switch how all day events look in Day and Week view of the calendar. 

An event is considered an all day event if it spans more than one day. When checked, the event will show in the All Day section at the top of the calendar. When unchecked, the event will be shown within the calendar spanning multiple days.

Changing Date Range

Click Day and Week to switch between a daily view and a weekly view respectively. Click Today to return you to a day view of the current date.

The mini-calendar on the left is a handy monthly view that lets you navigate directly to a particular day or week (depending on the view) with a single click.

The left (<) and right (>) chevron icons navigate the months.

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