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Activity Calendar Views

How activities are shown in the calendar.

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The Activities Calendar will show you the activities scheduled in your Method account for different users (referred to as Resources). 

If you click an activity with your mouse, an event card pops up where you can see more detail and have more options available to you:

Note: Not every activity type is shown in this calendar. For example, it wouldn't make sense to show an email incoming type of activity.


At the top of the calendar, you will have the following options:

  1. The [ < ] and [ > ] icons will jump the calendar backwards and forwards depending on the range set in 6 (day, week, or month).

  2. The date range as specificed by 6 (day, week, or month). The date can be manually set with the dropdown arrow [].

  3. Refresh the calendar.

  4. The plus symbol will add a new activity to the calendar.

  5. Clicking Today will jump the calendar to focus on the current date.

  6. Minimize and maximize the Resources and Settings panel.

Activity Status Colors

Each activity in the calendar is colored by their status:

  • Cancelled - Black

  • Completed - Green

  • Deferred - Grey

  • In Progress - Yellow

  • Not Scheduled - Grey

  • Not Started - Red

  • Waiting on someone else - Orange

Calendar Views & Layouts

By default, the calendar will display as you would expect a normal calendar to display, but there are different layouts for the views to help facilitate viewing multiple users.

  • Day, Week, Month - Standard display of the calendar

  • Day Vertical, Week Vertical - Display activities where the times are listed on the left column, and each user has their own column for each day.

  • Day Horizontal, Week Horizontal - Display activities where the times are listed on the first row, and each user has their own row for each day.

  • List Week - The activities appear in a list form.

  • List Month - The activities appear in list form, but for a selected day.

Using Resources to View Multiple Users

The Resources tab lets you add other users’ events in the calendar. The Resources dropdown will remember the choice you have made during your session, but is not remembered across devices. Click the X beside each listed user to remove them from the calendar.

In the above image, two columns are shown for both resources, however, that is not visible in the default layout. You will first need to change the layout to either horizongal or vertical.

This will add another column or row allowing you to compare activities side-by-side. In the below image, there are two users shown in the calendar: Mary and Sam.

Calendar Settings

On the right, beside Resources, is another tab for Settings which will allow you to change the runtime settings of the calendar. These settings will be remembered during your session, but not across different devices.

  • Days of the week - show only selected days on the calendar.

  • Show all day events on the top - This option allows you to switch how all day events look in the Day and Week view of the calendar. An event is considered an all day event if it spans more than one day. When checked, the event will show in the All Day section at the top of the calendar. When unchecked, the event will be shown within the calendar spanning multiple days.

  • Show inactive resources - this refers to inactive users assigned to an activity. Normally, inactive Method users in your account will not display.

  • Colored event background - color the whole event card. Example shown below:

  • Start Time and End Time - Restrict the hours the calendar will display.

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