Every activity you create in the Activities app will be added to the calendar, provided the activity type is set to be displayed on the calendar. 

When you are viewing the calendar, there are two ways to add a new activity. 

1. Click ⊕ Add New to open the New Activity screen. 

2. Click and drag to select a time slot in the calendar itself. When you release the mouse button, the New Activity screen will launch with the selected time.

Editing an Activity in the Calendar

The calendar allows you to edit the times of activities by manipulating it in the calendar.

1. To view an activity, you can click on it in the calendar.

2. You can move the activity to change its start time. In order to move it, you must select the activity at the top! You will notice your mouse cursor change into arrows. If you do not select it in the right area, then you may accidentally add an activity.

3. To change the length of the activity, select the edge and drag either up or down to shorten or extend the duration.

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