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Cancelling Your Method Account

How to cancel your Method account.

Updated over a week ago

The following steps will show you how to cancel your Method account. 

NOTE: You must have Admin permissions to do this.

Once your Method account is completely cancelled, you will no longer be able to sign into Method or your portal. If you want to use Method again, you must either sign up again, or contact your Customer Success Coach for support.

NOTE: When you cancel your account, all CRM data and customizations associated with that account is erased. If it's within 30 days, you can recover your data. Data in your QuickBooks file is not affected.

For those on QuickBooks Desktop, you will still need to uninstall the Method Integration Sync Engine after cancelling. Please see Uninstalling the Method Sync Engine.

Cancelling a Method Trial Account

  1.  Click your Profile icon in the upper-right and then click Account Settings.

  2. Click Subscription.

  3. At the bottom of the screen, find and click Cancel Account.

    NOTE: The screen will go blank and this will take a few moments to process. Please be patient.

  4. You are prompted to provide feedback detailing why you are cancelling your account. You must also click I understand my data will be deleted in order to continue.

  5. When you are sure, click Cancel Account.

  6. Finally, we suggest that QuickBooks Desktop users follow these additional steps to uninstall the Method Integration Sync Engine from the computers it was installed on.

NOTE: Monthly subscriptions for Method are non-refundable. This includes changes to user / team member licenses.

For Prepay subscriptions, please review our Payment, Refunds, and Modifications (Upgrading and Downgrading) Terms.

Click here to review our complete Terms of Service.

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