This article will review the various areas within the Method Partner portal. When logged into the Partner portal you will see the following view and navigation options.

Hovering your mouse over the Partner Dashboard will display a secondary menu. 

Note: If you do not see the Partner portal view above, this article will help get you there

Customer Portal

The primary menu has links that show you information about your account with us. 

From here, you will be able to: 

  • Update the contact details we have on file for you.

  • View your recent transactions with us.

  • Review Method accounts under your name and any applicable discounts.

  • View your customer service and case history with our support team.

Note: Your contact details are important and used in many parts of our Partner program including your listing on our sales site and any dynamic (Partner branded) marketing material. Ensuring these details are current is important.

Most commonly used details include (name, company name, phone, email, company logo, and profile image). These details can be updated by editing your profile

Partner Dashboard

The dashboard provides a visual display of data for the number of Method accounts you have referred as a Partner within the specified date-range.

You can also schedule a 1 on 1 Session with your account manager by selecting the green button labelled "Schedule a 1:1 Session".

Referred Accounts

When a client successfully uses your referral link to sign up for a trial with Method, they'll appear in this list. Clicking a particular row will display the invoice history for that account (up to 2 years in the past).

Leads / Prospects

Your Referral Link is used by your clients to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Method:CRM. If the customer converts their trial to a paid subscription, it will count towards your commissions. 

Note: Copy your referral link and share it via email, your website, or social media to get more leads.

It is important to protect your efforts by registering your prospects and potential Method referrals.

Manually Adding a Lead

If you wish to add a lead without using your referral link, you can submit the referral within your Partner portal as soon as possible. 

To submit a new lead: 

1. Log into the Partner portal.

2. Navigate to Leads / Prospects.

3. Click the New Lead button.

4. Fill out the form on the screen.

5. Click Submit.

If a Referral is Not Linked to You

In the event your referral did not use your Referral Link when subscribing to Method, you may request a review to have us manually associate the referral with your Partner account.

Reviews will only be accepted:

  • For leads submitted within the Partner portal on or before the client subscribes to Method.

  • For leads up to 3 months from the client subscription date.


This area of the portal provides resources to help our Method Partners learn more about Method and refer more of it to prospects and clients. 

Resources are provided for the following categories:

  • Partner Program - specific to the Partner program.

  • Webinars - various webinars (Product tours, Set-up, Customization and Partner specific).

  • Marketing Materials - assets to download and help refer and provide value-added services.


This section of the Partner portal provides Partners with information on the Method certification test. The test will contain questions on the following subject areas for Method.

  • Product Benefits

  • Using Method Apps

  • Basic Implementation

  • Customization Benefits

  • Integrations

  • Users / Pricing & Partner Perks

Further details can be found by logging into the Partner Portal and navigating to the Certification tab.


Referral commissions are calculated at the beginning of each month for the prior month. For example, January’s earned commission will be paid by end of February (or sooner). This delay is to ensure commissions are properly calculated and for any necessary manual adjustments.

These will be directly deposited into your account, but you will need to enter in your direct deposit details.

Once updated, the following message will appear on the Commissions screen.

Beta Programs

This section provides an exclusive beta program for our Method Partners available within the Partner portal that will enable our community to get involved and help shape the future of Method. Various product beta programs will be available at various times of the year.

Partners can expect the vast majority of our beta programs to include:

  • The beta and description of the beta

  • Help resources and links for detailed information

  • A built-in form to provide direct feedback to our team on the area of Method 

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