Discounted Partner Method Accounts

Discounted Method accounts are available to partners

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As of June 17, 2018, active Method Partners will have the following revised options for Discounted/Free Method account(s).

  • 1st Method account with 2 free user discount for the first 6 months for non-certified Partners. Certified Partners can extend the discount until their next recertification date.

  • 2nd Method account with 2 free user discount for certified Partners (intended for demos).

For Active Partners Only

Reminder discounts are only available to active Method Partners and there are eligibility requirements to become a Partner. Learn more about those requirements.

Important regarding partner discount:

  • This is a 2 user discount that is applied at the time of billing.

  • The discount excludes any Method app built by our 3rd parties (e.g. SaasPhalt).

  • The discount excludes any extra usage fees if any apply.

  • Valid payment details are required for each account to run normal monthly billing.

Note: Payment details required. Accounts with no payment details may be cancelled 

It is important to note that initial certification is required within the first 6 months of a Partner signing up and annual re-certification are required to maintain discounts. 

More information on Certification is coming soon.

How to Confirm or Request Discounted Partner Accounts

Our Partner team will do our best to apply discounts to eligible Partner accounts but we simply cannot guarantee this will happen automatically as they are currently added manually by our team after an internal review process. 

The following steps should be taken by the Method Partner to either request or ensure accounts you feel are eligible for discounts actually have those discounts.

1. Log into the Partner portal.

Note: You should use the new Partner portal. See this article for help.

2. Click on the Accounts tab.

3. Review your list of Method accounts to ensure a Partner Promo Code is stated.

4. Use the Request Discount button for missing accounts or discount codes.

  1. Search for your Method account by name (account must already exist).

  2. Click Request Discount.

  3. The on-screen message will indicate success or not.

Note: Discounts must be applied before the accounts Next Charge Date to avoid unexpected charges.

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