What is this beta program?

This beta tool allows users to copy/import Method screens from one Method account to another Method account. It is available to Partners via the Partner portal under the beta program tab.

For active Partners only

Reminder some betas are available to active Method Partners only. There are eligibility requirements to become a Method Partner. Learn more about those requirements.

Accessing the beta program

1. Log into the Partner portal (click for help).

2. Click the Beta Programs tab.

3. Find the Method Copy/Import Screen Tool beta. 

  • Clicking View Help will bring you back to this article
  • Clicking Give Feedback allows Partners to send feedback to Method.

Accessing the beta will take you to the following screen for use.

Important Notes

As the name suggests, the copy/import screen tool allows users to copy screens from a source Method account to another Method account but there are some important requirements, restrictions, and notes.


  1. In order to use the tool, the Method user (specifically the email address used to log in) must be an active user in both the source and destination Method accounts.

    Pro Tip:  As a Partner beta, we filter Method accounts that use the email address associated with your Method Partner profile. To include additional Method accounts, you can temporarily invite a new user with this email to both accounts to use this tool.
  2. Admin permissions and/or Customization permissions is required in both the source and destination Method Apps.


  1. The source Method account cannot be the same as the destination Method account. In other words, you cannot copy a screen within the same Method account.
  2. If the source app is a stock app built by Method or our 3rd party stock app, the destination app will have to be the same stock app. In other words, you cannot copy a screen from a stock app to a different app.

Things To Note

  1. If the source screen is built on or uses tables/fields that the destination account does not have, the import process will automatically create the same tables and fields in the destination account.
  2. Although the screen and required tables are copied, no data is copied to the destination account.

    Special Note: This is very important especially for dropdown fields. Pay special attention to any values (the list options) used for these will not be copied over. If custom options were added to an existing dropdown, or if a custom dropdown was created, none of the data will be copied.

    Users should add these same values to the tables in the destination account, particularly if there are actions that reference these values. New values can also be added.
  3. The process copies a single screen. Therefore, any Go To Screen actions within your copied screen that reference other custom screens will need to be manually updated. Any Go To Screen actions that point stock app screens will continue to work fine.
  4. Once successfully imported, there could be a waiting period of approximately 5 mins before the new screen is fully generated and available to be used in the destination account.


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