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Does Method Support Multi-Currency?
Does Method Support Multi-Currency?

Does Method support multi-currency in QuickBook Online

Updated over a week ago

Yes, Method supports multi-currency for QuickBooks Online out of the box. 

However, multi-currency for QuickBooks Desktop is currently not available without customization. 

Some details on multi-currency in QuickBooks Online:

  • Method will sync with QuickBooks Online accounts with multi-currency.

  • Method supports all editions for multi-currency (US, UK, Canada, Australia).

  • When adding a new customer, vendor, or lead, you can select select the currency they will be using. Once set, this currency cannot be changed. 

  • Transactions will display exchange rate.

    • Exchange rate is set and updated through QuickBooks Online and then set to Method.

    • Exchange rate cannot be modified using Method.

  • Transactions will display two currencies if the two currencies are different:

    • The currency of your customer / lead / vendor.

    • The currency of your company (Home currency).

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