Calculate Currency Conversion Action

For QuickBooks Online accounts enabled with multi-currency.

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The Calculate Currency Conversion action will convert an amount using a given exchange rate. This exchange rate is normally retrieved using the Retrieve Exchange Rate action.

Note: Even though it may be visible on your account, this action will only work on QuickBooks Online with Multi-Currency enabled.


▶  Amount - The amount to convert. This value can be defined by you, pulled from an existing control on the screen, or pulled from the user's session.

▶  Exchange Rate - The exchange rate to base the conversion on. This is retrieved using the Retrieve Exchange Rate action.

▶  Conversion Direction - Either convert to the Company's home currency, or from it.

▶  Place the Value Here - Where to store the resulting converted currency.


For a real life example, you may check any transaction page on a multi-currency enabled QuickBooks Online account. 

In the below example, we will assume a customer has been selected in a transaction with the following controls visible on screen: Customer, Transaction Date (TxnDate), Amount. 

1. Using the action Retrieve Values From Table, the currency code is retrieved from a customer and placed into an action result called resultCustomerCurrencyCode. Note the display of the Currency field is retrieved, not its Record ID:

2. Using the action Retrieve Exchange Rate, we will use the currency code retrieved above and the TxnDate to get the exchange rate and place it into the action result resultExchangeRate:

3. Using the action Calculate Currency Conversion, we can now convert the Amount and place it into an action result of our choice:

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