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Calculate Currency Conversion Action

For QuickBooks Online accounts enabled with multi-currency.

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The Calculate Currency Conversion action will convert an amount using a given exchange rate. This exchange rate is normally retrieved using the Retrieve Exchange Rate action.

Note: Even though it may be visible on your account, this action will only work on QuickBooks Online with Multi-Currency enabled.




The amount to convert. This is usually taken from the transaction.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate to base the conversion on. This can be retrieved using the Retrieve Exchange Rate action.

Conversion direction

  • To the company's home currency

  • From company's home currency

Where to store the resulting converted currency.


For a real life example, you may check any transaction page on a multi-currency enabled QuickBooks Online account. 

In the below example, we will assume a customer has been selected in a transaction with the following controls visible on screen: Customer, Transaction Date (TxnDate), Amount. 

  1. Using the action Retrieve Values From Table, the currency code is retrieved from a customer and placed into an action result called resultCustomerCurrencyCode. Note the display of the Currency field is retrieved, not its Record ID:

  2. Using the action Retrieve Exchange Rate, we will use the currency code retrieved above and the TxnDate to get the exchange rate and place it into the action result resultExchangeRate:

  3. Using the action Calculate Currency Conversion, we can now convert the Amount and place it into an action result of our choice:

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