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Does Method Support Multicurrency?
Does Method Support Multicurrency?

Does Method support multi-currency in QuickBook Online

Updated over a week ago

Yes, Method supports multicurrency for QuickBooks Online out of the box. 

However, multicurrency for QuickBooks Desktop is currently not available without customization. 

Some details on multicurrency in QuickBooks Online:

  • Method will sync with QuickBooks Online accounts with multi-currency.

  • Method supports all editions for multicurrency (US, UK, Canada, Australia).

  • When adding a new customer, vendor, or lead, you can select select the currency they will be using. Once set, this currency cannot be changed. 

  • Transactions will display exchange rate.

    • Exchange rate is set and updated through QuickBooks Online and then set to Method.

    • Exchange rate cannot be modified using Method.

  • Transactions will display two currencies if the two currencies are different:

    • The currency of your customer / lead / vendor.

    • The currency of your company (Home currency).

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