QuickBooks Desktop Sync FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Method:CRM's sync with QuickBooks desktop
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This article will address some common question users have with Quickbooks Integration

Q. Why can’t I do a Changes-Only sync on computers other than the main?

Limiting Changes-Only and Full Synchronization to a single computer eliminates the possibility to two computers synchronizing the same data between QuickBooks and the server at the same time. This reduces your network traffic, the number of requests made to QuickBooks, bandwidth between your network and the server, as well as prevents database records from being edited by multiple synchronizations at the same time.

Q. How do I change the main computer Method:CRM syncs with?

This can be found in your QuickBooks Desktop Sync Preferences.

  1. Confirm you have the correct company file open in QuickBooks. 

  2. Click the preferences icon in the upper right and select Integrations.

  3. Click the QuickBooks Sync link.

  4. Expand the section for Troubleshooting.

  5. Verify what is listed as Synced Computer Name and click Reset if necessary.

  6. Log into Method:CRM on the computer you want as the new ‘main’ syncing computer, install the Method Integration Engine and run a full synchronization.

Q. How do I reset my account and use a different QuickBooks file?

When you sync your QuickBooks company file to your Method:CRM account, the company file and the account are bound together. 

You cannot reuse an account on a different QuickBooks company file without causing data conflicts and inconsistencies. 

If you need to sync a second company file, you’ll need to open a second account.

Q. What happens if I renamed my QuickBooks company file?

Assuming you are using the same QuickBooks company file just with a different name, please contact Method:CRM Support (support@method.me) to reset your QuickBooks file.

Q. What version of QuickBooks do I need in order to use Method:CRM?

Please see our article Supported Editions of QuickBooks.

  • US versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2004 or higher 

  • Canadian versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2008 or higher

  • UK versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2008 or higher

  • Australia versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2008 or higher

  • QuickBooks Online

Note: Only Windows versions are supported. There is no integration for QuickBooks for Macintosh. QuickBooks POS are not supported.

Q. Does QuickBooks need to be open in order to use Method:CRM?

You can still use Method:CRM to access and modify information even if QuickBooks is closed. Any changes will be synchronized with QuickBooks next time it is opened on the main synching computer. 

If you want to take advantage of Method:CRM's real-time syncing, QuickBooks must be open, and be open to the correct company file.

Q. Does Method:CRM work on a Mac?

Yes, Method:CRM users can log in to their account using any browser on Mac, Windows, mobile devices and even our mobile app. 

However, the Method Integration Engine must be installed on a Windows computer where the QuickBooks file resides.

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