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Permission to Method Integration folder
Permission to Method Integration folder

Getting the error "Access to path is denied"

Updated over a week ago

If a user gets an error indicating "Access to path [the path name here] is denied" when launching the Method Integration Engine, the following steps can be taken to help solve this issue.

  1. Go to the specified folder mentioned in the error. In our example, the folder is

  2. This folder is generally hidden by default, you can unhide that folder by going to:

    1. Organize > Folder and Search Option.

    2. Click on View tab.

    3. Click on Show Hidden files, folder and drives.

  3. Right click on MethodIntegration folder, click Properties.

  4. Click on Security tab.

  5. Click on the Users or group from the list and then click on Edit to change the permissions.

  6. To allow the permission for the user, check the Allow checkbox for Full control that will enable all the permissions for that folder.

  7. Click OK.

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