Math Function Action

An action to do math on numerical values.

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The Math functions action allows you to do math on values.

Although you cannot group different operations together, you can chain the same operation. In other words, you can't add two numbers and then multiply it by another number in the same function, but you can add as many numbers as you like together.

The operations available are:

  • Add

  • Subtract

  • Multiply

  • Divide

  • Max: Given two or more numbers, return the largest number

  • Min: Given two or more numbers, return the smallest number

  • Power

  • DivRem: Remainder after division (modulo operation)

  • Percentage: Return the percentage of a given amount

  • Round

  • Absolute Value

  • Square Root

  • Sin

  • Cos

  • Tan

  • Log

  • Log10

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