All transaction print templates are created using the Web Report Designer. If you made changes to a template, you can copy that transaction to another Method:CRM account.

Note: You need to be an Admin in order to access the Web Report Designer in your Method account.

1. Select the circular preferences icon in the upper-right corner and then click Account Settings.

2. Scroll down and find and click Reports & Print Templates.

3. Search for the template to duplicate. In the below example, there are 3 estimate templates. If you aren't too sure which template to choose, look at a print template from a previous transaction.

4. Click the vertical ellipsis [⋮] beside the template you wish to copy, and then select Copy to an account.

5. This will bring up a new pop up to fill. Once you fill in the appropriate fields, click Create copy.

  • Account - Method account to copy to

  • Name - Name of the copied report within the destination account

  • Description - Description for the copied report

6. Once you click Create copy, Method will copy it over to the other account. This may take a minute or so. However, when complete, it will show the following success screen.

From here, you can go to the account by clicking Go to account and you're done.

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