Customizing Multiple Shipping Addresses

How to use the ShippingAddress table to select different shipping addresses for customers

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QuickBooks Desktop allows you to select, but not add, different shipping addresses for each customer when creating a transaction. 

Our current stock app screens have the ability to select different shipping addresses, however, if you have an older customized screen, this functionality may not be there.

If you wish to add this functionality to your transaction apps via customization, here are the basics to give you the foundation to create on your own. 

NOTE: Multiple Shipping Address is NOT available on QuickBooks Online. This is a feature only available for QuickBooks Desktop.


First, here are a few restrictions to keep in mind when customizing your app to support multiple shipping addresses.

  1. Adding multiple shipping addresses is not supported: Shipping addresses are synced to Method from QuickBooks Desktop, but you cannot create them in Method.

  2. Shipping addresses cannot be renamed in Method: Each individual shipping address has an associated name. This cannot be edited within Method and can only be done through QuickBooks. All other fields, however, are supported for edits in Method.

  3. Shipping addresses cannot be deleted in Method: Once created, you cannot delete a shipping address in Method. You can, however, delete it in QuickBooks.

  4. Shipping addresses are not available for jobs/subcustomers: Jobs/subcustomers will not have multiple shipping addresses. The list of addresses for a job/subcustomer must be retrieved from their parent instead.

The Shipping Address Table

There is a new table called “shippingaddress” which holds the data for the new shipping addresses for each customer and syncs with QuickBooks Desktop.

This table contains the following fields:

  • Customer - Dropdown field connecting to the Entity table, FullName field.

  • DefaultShipTo - Yes/No: This indicates the shipping address as the default shipping address. QuickBooks will also automatically store this shipping address within the Customer Table.

  • Name - Text (41): For each customer, this must be a unique name to describe the shipping address. Two customers can have a shipping address called “Home”, but one customer cannot have two shipping addresses called “Home”. 

  • ShipAddressAddr1 - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressAddr2 - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressAddr3 - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressAddr4 - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressAddr5 - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressCity - Text (31)

  • ShipAddressCountry - Text (31)

  • ShipAddressNote - Text (41)

  • ShipAddressPostalCode - Text (13)

  • ShipAddressState - Text (21) 

Using Multiple Shipping Addresses

At the very minimum, you will need to create a dropdown on each transaction screen where you want the option to select a different shipping address. When selected, you can copy the appropriate fields from the shippingaddress table into the transaction’s shipping address fields. 

If you want them to create or edit shipping addresses within Method, you can create the appropriate screens to do so, however, remember the restrictions as covered earlier. 

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