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Customization Scenarios
33 articles
Add a button to send a contact's portal via SMSAdd a button to the view contact screen to send the portal link to a contact via SMS.
Add a Custom Field to a CustomerHow to add a custom field to a customer, vendor, or employee.
Add a Customer screen to the Contacts App RibbonsHow to show screens based on the customer, like transactions, in the Contacts App Ribbons.
Add a Signature to a Transaction TemplateOnce a customer e-signs a transaction using the signature component, you can display this on the transaction template.
Add an Expression Column to a GridUsing customization to add multiple fields to a single column
Add an HST# or VAT# to the Invoice Print Template
Add Custom Field to a Transaction AppHow to add a custom field to an invoice, an estimate, etc.
Add Custom Field to Contacts AppHow to add a custom field to a contact.
Add Custom Field to Existing TableAn example of adding a custom field to the contacts table
Change the filename of a transaction print reportPrint reports for transactions or work orders have a set filename, but it can be altered by the report name.
Copying a View FilterHow to copy a view filter via Method customization.
Create a Custom DropdownHow to create custom dropdown and the screen to add, edit, and delete the values in the dropdown.
Creating Contacts within other AppsHow to get the Contacts app to navigate back to your custom app
Create a View FilterHow to create a view filter via customization in Method:CRM.
Customizing Multiple Shipping AddressesHow to use the ShippingAddress table to select different shipping addresses for customers
Customize the Screen displayed in an App RibbonHow to customize the default starting screen displayed in app ribbons.
Customizing the Web to Lead AppHow to add custom fields to your web to lead app.
Display a Barcode or QR Code in a print templateHow to show a barcode / QR code in a transaction print template.
Display a Report Image in MethodHow to display an image from a report created in the web report designer and display it on a Method screen.
Have Web to Lead forms collect different informationHow to have web to lead forms collect different information.
How to copy a custom field from one transaction to another.Transferring custom data from one transaction to the next.
How do I change a company logo on a report?Getting your logo displaying correctly in transaction print templates
How is the Cost field in the ActivityJobItems table Calculated?The Cost field in the ActivityJobItems table is a read-only field.
How to customize Admin-only permissionsHow to restrict usage of controls on screen via the Admin permissions of the signed-in user.
Mass Update Records Through Batch ProcessingHow to update the same field for multiple records via customization
Remove Markup from Estimates QuickBooks DesktopHow to remove the markup columns from the Estimates screen if you are on QuickBooks desktop.
Restricting Who Sees a Portal Link with Custom CriteriaThe portal navigation allows you to set custom criteria on who can view it.
Scheduling an email with an App RoutineUse App Routines to schedule emails to send at a later date.
Show Users in Dropdowns for Multi-tenancy AccountsHave users show up in Assigned To dropdown fields for different tenants.
Show Terms & Conditions on your PortalShow Terms & Conditions before a customer approves an Estimate.
Tag a lead automatically from the Web to Lead form.Customizing the Web to Lead form.
Using merge dates in an email templateHow to format date fields for an email template.
Updating the Right App Ribbon to ⅔ ViewHow to change the app ribbon view from ⅓ view to ⅔ view.