View Sent Emails
View sent emails in Method:CRM and track open and click rates.
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If you are using Method as your email server, you will be able to view the sent emails and track open and click rates.

As an administrator, you can view this by navigating to Account Settings Email and selecting View all emails sent.

Emails Sent

The Emails Sent screen will list out all the emails sent out within a given time period.

  • Date delivered - Date email was sent

  • Delivery type - Type of delivery

  • Recipient, Sender, and Subject - Standard information regarding an email.

  • User - The Method user associated to this email

  • Status - At this time, these are the statuses available:

    • Bounce: Receiving server could not or would not accept the message

    • Clicked: Link within email was clicked on

    • Deferred:  Will be sent at a later time

    • Delivered: Received by recipient

    • Dropped: Issues with SendGrid SMTP and was not processed

    • Not Sent: Not yet sent due to an error that is displayed in the details page

    • Opened: Email was opened

    • Processed: Processed by SendGrid SMTP server

    • Processing: Processing to be sent out

    • Scheduled: Added to email queue

    • Sent: Sent to the recipient but not yet opened

Clicking on a row within the grid will bring up a detailed view of the email.

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