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Send an email out from Method.

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The Send Email app is used to send an email. Normally, it is used in conjunction with other apps, but you can use it to send an email within your Method account.

By default, sending an email from Method will use Method's email servers. Paid subscribers are allowed to send to 5000 email recipients for free per month, sent out from our Method Email Server. This limit will reset on your billing period. To send more, you can click the link to view your Account Settings: Communications.

Note: During your trial period, you can only send up to 100 email recipients until you are a paid subscriber.

If you are interested in using your own company's email server, please see our article Set Up Your Email Server.

Since sending an email should be straightforward for anyone who uses the internet, we will cover a few features specific to Method. 

Why is Email From limited to a dropdown?

The Email From dropdown pulls from a list of emails managed by the administrator of your Method account. You will be able to manage your own email within Your User Profile → Email.

To manage all the emails available here, see Communications: Email Settings → Email Senders.

How do I Add More Recipients?

Click ⊕ Additional Recipients to add additional contacts, CC recipients, or BCC recipients. Note that CC and BCC emails need to be separated by a comma.

Can I Create Email Templates?

Send Email allows you to choose different email templates. If you wish to create a new template to use, click New/Edit Email Template in the dropdown.

If you wish to create your own email templates, please see our article Create a basic email template.

Are There Merge Fields?

Merge fields automatically pulls information (e.g. a customer’s first name) from a table and inserts it into your email. The Send Email app allows you to merge fields within the Email Subject and the Email Body. 

The following tables are automatically set to merge with:

  • Customer: Customer data

  • Contacts: Contact data

  • Vendor: Vendor data

  • Users: Data pertaining to the Method user signed in

  • Company: Data specific to your company

For more information on using Merge Fields within your email, please see our article Using mail merge in an email.

Can I Add an Attachment?

Yes, you can add an attachment to an email. You must choose the contact first. 

Once the contact has been chosen, the Attachment Widget will show up below the Email Body. 

You can add any number of attachments to the email, however, there is a second step needed.

Before sending the email out, you must check the checkbox on each attachment you wish to email.

If you do not check the checkbox on the attachment, the attachment will not be attached to the email.

The attachment will be saved to the activity associated with this email. See below for more information. 

Is an Activity Created When I Send an Email?

When you send an email, an activity is created for the contact to record that the email was sent out. For this activity:

  • Comments are set to "Sent an email to..." with the contact's name.

  • Email body is embedded within the Activity.

  • Activity Type is Email Outgoing.

  • Status is set to Completed.

  • Date and Time is the time you sent the email.

  • Any attachments will be attached to this activity.

Can I Create a Follow-up Activity?

When you send an email out, you may wish to follow-up with them later. Using activities, you can keep track of your current and future interactions, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

By checking Create a Follow-up Activity, the following fields will be made visible:

To learn more about activities and follow-up activities, please see our article Schedule a Follow-up.

Can I Send a Test Email?

At the bottom you will find two buttons, Send Test and Send.

  • Send Test - Send the email to yourself, the user currently logged in. You will get a confirmation before it sends out.

  • Send - Send the email to the recipient. You will get a confirmation before it sends out. When an email is sent out, an activity is recorded that you sent an email. You will find this activity within the profile of the contact under Closed Activities.  

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