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About the Web Report Designer

What the Web Report Designer is and learning how to use it.

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The Web Report Designer allows you to create a number of reports and print templates to be used with data from your Method account. 

To access the Web Report Designer, please see our article "Create a New Report".

Despite its name, the Web Report Designer is not limited to creating just report templates – you can also build invoices, estimates, work orders, charts, graphs and all sorts of other templates you use frequently in your Method environment.

In the below image, the printed invoice was created using the Web Report Designer to design an overall template to be applied to all invoice printouts. 

Two Versions of Report Designer

Note that there are two versions of the Report Designer. The Web Report Designer is newer and reports are created directly in the web browser. Below is an image of the Web Report Designer in the browser.

The old Report Designer is only available for Windows. If possible, you should use the Web Report Designer, since the older Report Designer is deprecated. 

NOTE: If you have a report created in the older Report Designer. You will need to convert these reports to newer Web Report Designer if you wish to make any edits to them.

Once you convert the reports to the new Web Report Designer, you will be unable to open them in the older classic Report Designer.

Create a copy of the report first before you convert it.

This series of articles will help you learn how to use the newer Web Report Designer, and will always be referred to as the Web Report Designer.

If you wish to learn more about the older, deprecated Report Designer, please refer to the branch within our help center

Learning the Web Report Designer

To learn how to use the Web Report Designer in Method, please see the articles in our branch of the help center "Web Report Designer".

Note: The Web Report Designer is a product offering created by DevExpress, and has been modified to work with Method. If you wish to find detailed, in-depth documentation, DevExpress's website has reference documentation for the Web Report Designer, however, there are some changes we've made to the web report designer, so not everything is exactly the same.

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