In the portal's Navigation & Sign In As configuration page, you can:

  • Configure what menu items show in the navigation of the portal

  • Control which screens are visible to which customer types

This article will be split into two sections to cover Navigation and then Sign In As

Configuring Navigation

The New Link button allows you to create a new menu item.

In the above image, there are two menu links on the navigation:

  • Home

  • Recent transactions

The below image shows what this looks like in the portal itself:

By dragging the links in the configuration, you can change the order around on the navigation bar as well. In the below image, we've moved the Recent Transactions link to the top, and that moves the link further left in the portal:

Selecting the ellipsis on the link will allow you to configure how the link works.

  • Edit - Edit the current link (see below).

  • Add SubLink - Add a new link as a submenu to the selected link.

  • Add New Link Below - Add a brand new link below this one.

  • Delete - Remove the selected link.

When a link is edited, you are taken to the Edit Link page for that link:

  • Caption - The name on the link. 

  • Link Type - Where the link will connect to.
    - Screen will take the portal user to a screen within Method:CRM.
    - Website will take the portal user to site outside of Method:CRM.

  • Screen / URL - Depending on what is chosen in Link Type, this will specify the destination for the link. 

  • Icon - An icon can be given to the link.

  • Visible To - You can restrict who sees the link. Choices are:
    - Everyone
    - Customers & Leads
    - Vendors
    - Customers, Leads & Vendors
    - Custom - Advanced users only. To use, see this article.

Signing In As One of your Customers

The Sign In As button allows you to test the portal as one of your customers. This allows you to see the portal from your customer's perspective. 

When clicked, the right panel opens up showing recently viewed contacts. You can also search for an existing contact. 

By selecting a customer, you will view their portal. At the top is an indicator reminding you who you are logged in as.

Note: Any changes made and saved while signed in as that user will take effect, so take care when making edits.

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