View a Recurring Work Order

Understanding how recurring work orders work.

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When you create a recurring work order, you will create a parent and its children:

  • Schedule of Recurring Events: This is the "parent" work order used as a template and holds all the Service items for the job.

  • Occurrence: This is the child work order of the parent. It will have a different start date, and it will have no service items.

Recurrence in work orders is modelled the same way as recurring activities.

Schedule of Recurring Events

Once a recurring work order is created, you will find the Schedule of Recurring Events in the Work Orders list.

To view only the Recurring Schedules, and not every work order, select Shared Recurrence Schedules from the view filter dropdown:

Selecting a Recurrence Schedule will bring up the work order and it will be labelled Schedule of Recurring Events in its header:

Further down, underneath Recurring Schedule, you will find all the occurrences for this schedule:


By selecting any row from this list, you will be taken to an individual work order from this schedule, and at the top it will be labelled as Occurrence:

Further down, you will notice a difference between this and the Recurrence Schedule parent:

  • Go to Recurrence Schedule - This will take you to the parent Schedule of Recurring Events as detailed above.

  • Copy Job Items From Recurrence Schedule - Notice the items grid underneath Service Details is empty. Clicking this link will allow you to manually copy the items from the parent work order.

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