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Set Up Time Tracking Approval
Set Up Time Tracking Approval

If you want to approve time tracking entries, you must configure the Time Tracking app's preferences.

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The Time Tracking app syncs your time tracking entries from QuickBooks.

Although the app will work out-of-the-box, there are a few things to configure if you wish to approve time tracking entries.

This document will be broken up into three sections:

  • Sync setup - allow for time tracking approval

  • Time Tracker - settings for a user who needs to track their time

  • Time Approver - permissions for the user who will approve time tracking entries

Sync Setup

In order to approve time tracking entries, the entries must be set to wait before syncing to QuickBooks.

  1. On the Time Tracking app, select the vertical ellipsis [] and choose Preferences.

  2. Make sure that Require Approval to Sync is checked. (The below image is for those connected to a QuickBooks Online account. QuickBooks Desktop has a few more options).

With this enabled, you can now set up your users.

Time Tracker

A user who will track their time will need to have their Method account linked to a QuickBooks entity (employee or vendor), and they will need to have permission to the Time Tracking app.

  1. Click your profile icon in the upper right, and select Account Settings.

  2. Within the Account Settings, select the Users to get into the User Settings, and then select the user who needs to keep track of their time. In the below example, we are selecting the user Mary.

  3. For your user, link them to a QuickBooks Entity. This helps pre-fill the Employee/Vendor on time entries and is recommended for all users tracking their own time.

  4. Still on the same page, select Manage User Permissions & Subscription.

  5. On this Manage User Permissions screen, scroll down and expand the Time Tracking permissions. Make sure they have Access permissions so the app shows on their dashboard.

  6. Scroll down and click the Save button.

  7. Make sure you do steps 2 - 6 for every user who needs time tracking.

Time Tracking Approver

Once your time tracking users are set up, you will need to give the approve permission to approve the entries.

  1. As with the time tracker, go into the Manage User Permissions & Settings for the time tracking approver.

  2. Scroll down and expand the Time Tracking permissions. Check the Approve checkbox and then Save!

You have completed the set up!

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