Field Services Pricing

How the pricing is calculated for the dispatcher and for those in the field.

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With Method:Field Services, there are three roles a user can have:

  • Dispatcher (required): Coordinates people’s schedules and fleet operations.

  • Field Crew Technician: Receives a list of jobs and locations to service their customers.

  • Regular user: Manages the CRM aspects of the account

The pricing for the Method:Field Services offering is based on the number of users and the type of users who are using it.

Role of User

Price Billed Annually

Price Billed Monthly


$44 / month

$49 / month

Field Crew Technician

$15 / month

$18 / month

Regular user

$25 / month*

$28 / month*

*The price for a Regular user is dependent on the number of packs they have installed.

How Roles are Assigned for Method:Field Services

Roles are automatically assigned and are dependent on the packs and apps the user has access to.

The Dispatcher role is a required role for Method:Field Services and must have the following packs and or apps installed.

  • Contact Management Pack

  • Sales Transactions Pack

  • Sales Pipeline Pack

  • Work Orders App

The Field Crew Technician role for Method:Field Services can only have the following apps installed.

  • Contact Management Pack

  • Field Crew App

NOTE: Any additional packs or apps added to a user who has the Field Crew Technician role will revert the user to a Regular user. This restriction also includes custom apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is a dispatcher?

The dispatcher coordinates people’s schedules and fleet operations. They ensure everyone has the equipment and supplies they need. They may also handle customers calls to make changes.

Question: What is a field crew technician?

The field crew technician receives a list of jobs and locations the dispatchers prepare for them. They go to customer homes in the order as given to them, and will follow explicit instructions to execute tasks for the job. They may work with another technician on location, depending on the complexity of the job and may have members of the crew help them accomplish lower-skill tasks.

Question: Why does my Method Subscription screen have a Field Crew Discount?

As mentioned above, Method will automatically assign roles to a user depending on the packs and apps they have installed.

Every user, other than the dispatcher, will start off as a regular user, and will be charged the normal subscription amount. However, if the user only has access to the Contact Management Pack and the Field Crew app, then Method will see this user as a Field Crew Technician and discount the regular price to the field crew user price.

Question: What if my field technicians use custom apps?

If your field technicians has access to custom apps, then they will be considered a regular user and pay the regular price. They will not receive the field crew user price.

Question: What if I remove the Work Orders app, or any of the required packs?

If you remove the Work Orders App, or any of the required packs for the Dispatcher, then your Method account will not be considered a Field Services account. This means no user will be considered a field crew technician user and will not receive the pricing for a field crew technician.

Question: What if I add more packs or apps for the Dispatcher?

You can add as many apps and packs as you like for the Dispatcher, and the additional pack's subscriptions costs will be added to the Field Services subscription costs.

Note that all custom apps you create for the Dispatcher user will not have a cost.

Question: Can I customize my work orders app and remain a Dispatcher?

Yes, the work orders app may be customized.

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