All transaction print templates are created using the Web Report Designer. If you wish to make changes to any transaction pdf you send to your customer, you would have to do so in the Web Report Designer.

However, it is recommended you make a copy of the print template before you start editing it. This document will walk you through that process, using the Estimate transaction as an example.

Note: You need to be an Admin in order to access the Web Report Designer in your Method account.

Convert the Print Template

Before you can edit the print template, it will probably still be an older format that needs to be converted. Before you can make a copy, first convert the old template.

1. In the upper right, click the icon to open your preferences, and select Account Settings.

2. Scroll to the bottom and select Reports & Print Templates (Beta).

3. You will need to convert the template before working on it. If none of your reports are converted to the Web Report Designer, then you will get the message below to convert your old report templates. Note that once you convert them to the Web Report Designer, you will no longer be able to edit them in the older report designer. Click Select templates to convert.

4. Search for the template to convert. In the below example, there are 5 estimate templates. If you aren't too sure which template to choose, look at a print template from a previous transaction. The name of the template will be in the filename. In the below example, I'll select the print template and then click Convert Template.

5. Once converted, it will show up in Reports & Print Templates and now you can copy it.

Copy Print Template

Now that the print template is converted, you will need to copy it.

1. Select the converted template in the grid and it will bring up its properties with a preview.

2. Select the Copy button and change the Name and Description.

3. Click Launch Builder, and you will be taken to the Web Report Designer where you can make edits. For more information on using the Web Report Designer, please see our articles on the help center.

Use your Custom Print Template

Once you have customized your transaction print template, you will want to use it in Method. To do that, you will need to change the default preferences for the transaction you modified. In the below instructions, we will continue to use the Estimate transaction as the example.

To change the default print template:

1. Select the vertical ellipsis () on the your transaction app and select Preferences.

2. Under Print Template, choose your new custom print template.

And you're done! You have changed the print template for your transactions app.

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