The Web to Lead app provides a form to help capture lead information from a publicly available Method screen, typically used on your website. 

When you first select the app, you will be taken to a list of the current Web To Lead forms in your account. By default, this list is empty but in the below example, there are three.

To create a new form, you will need to select ⊕ New Form in the upper right of the listing.

Let's look at the different sections of a new Web To Lead form.

Configuring the Web To Lead Form

On the top of the New Web to Lead screen, you will see the following fields:

  • Name (Internal)* - The name given to the web to lead form. This is internal and will not show on the web to lead form itself.
  • Description - The descriptive text given to the web to lead form.
  • Assigned To* - The Method user who will be assigned to the lead, the two activities, and the opportunity created when this form is submitted.
  • Opportunity Stage* - When the opportunity is created, this is the stage it will be set to.
  • Lead Source - "Will be auto generated." When a form is first created, it will insert a lead source of the format: "Web - [Name of form]" where [Name of form] is the name given to the form. After the form has been saved, you can choose a different Lead Source. You can also modify the created lead source at a later time if need be. 
  • Redirect to a URL after submission - When checked, you can enter in a URL and the contact will be redirected to the given URL when the form is submitted. When unchecked, the text written in Thank You Message* (explained below) will be displayed.
  • Send an email to the Customer or Lead - When checked, an email will be sent out to the submitter of the web to lead form. A dropdown will show to allow selection of an email template.
  • Send an email to the Assigned To user - When checked, an email will be sent out to the Method user selected in Assigned To. A dropdown will show to all selection of an email template.
  • Is this form enabled? - Whether or not the web to lead form is active.

After you have configured how the web to lead form should work, now you will need to configure the text.

Configuring Web To Lead Form Text

The following HTML edit boxes are avialable for you to customize text:

  • Form Header - Usually a graphic included at the top of your form.
  • Title - The HTML text for the title of your form.
  • Main Body - The HTML text which will go underneath the Title and above all the fields. 
  • Form Footer - The HTML text which will go underneath the Submit button. 
  • Thank You Message* - If Redirect to a URL is unchecked, then this will be the HTML text to show after the form is submitted. Note that this is the only text that will show. In other words, the header, the body, and the footer, will not be included in this thank you message. 

Below is a visual of the Web to Lead form with some sample text added in. Highlighted in green are the different customizable sections as indicated in the above bullet list.

Question: Can You Add/Modify Fields?

The fields for the web to lead form can be modified via customization. This is for those who are comfortable with customization, and is a bit complex due to the fact that all the web to lead forms use the only one screen as a public screen to pull in information. For further information, see our article "Customizing the Web to Lead App."

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