Method has a two-way sync with Xero: information updated in Method will be mirrored in Xero, and information updated in Xero will be mirrored in Method.

However, there are limitations due to restrictions Xero places on accessing your tenant. Method will sync to Xero in real-time, but Xero will sync to Method within a one hour window.

In this article, we will discuss:

What Method syncs with Xero

The following data syncs bi-directionally between Method and Xero.



Customers & Vendors









Products & Services

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts





Handling Xero's Subscription Limits

Depending on your plan, Xero places a hard limit on the number of transactions you can create a month. For example, users on the Starter plan are only allowed to create 20 invoices and 5 bills per month.

If you create a transaction in Method and you are over your subscription limit, Method cannot sync the transaction to Xero and a sync conflict will occur. However, you can still have the invoice or bill stay within Method.

Handling Xero's Number of Syncs Limits

Xero restricts the number of times we can sync with it. To be more technical, Xero only allows a certain number of 'calls' to your tenant. A call would be any record that may have been updated that needs to sync. For example, if you imported a list of ten customers into Method, then that would be ten calls to sync them to Xero.

  • Concurrent limit: 5 calls in progress at one-time

  • Minute limit: 60 calls per minute

  • Daily limit: 5000 calls per day

For the concurrent and minute limits, Method will place calls in a queue until fully synced.

For the daily limit, Method will place the call within sync conflicts.

Handling Initial Sync with Xero

When you first sign up with Method, we will immediately start syncing with Xero, however, the first, initial sync may not include all of your data due to Xero's sync limitations.

Furthermore, although we will push information to Xero, we will not pull information from Xero until the initial sync is fully complete.

Once the initial sync is complete, sync will continue as normal and all of your data will sync eventually.

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