The Method API is intended to be a tool to allow external applications to integrate with Method applications, as an extension of the Method user experience.

The API is available for no additional charge to all Method users who have the API permission turned on (found when editing their user settings, under Account Permissions.) For documentation, help, and sample code, please click below to access the PDF doc.

API Limits

API Limits allow you to integrate your external applications with Method, in such a way that it does not cause performance degradation for other Method users.

Limits are set per account, per user, per min, per hour, per day and per 30 days. To optimize your usage, we suggest:

  1. Removing any unnecessary calls to the API.
  2. Ensuring that your code handles API errors and responses, and doesn’t re-attempt the same failed calls repeatedly.

View Your Usage History

Users are now able to monitor API usage via the Method:API report found right in your Method account. To access it follow these steps:

1. Click the blue icon in the upper right and select Integrations.

2. Click Method:API.

3. Select API Usage History date period. Options include:

  • Previous 30 days
  • Previous 24 hours
  • Previous 60 minutes
  • Previous 1 minute

4. From the grid, select a Method User to view individual usage.

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