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Create an Invoice from an Estimate (Xero)
Create an Invoice from an Estimate (Xero)

For Xero account users, how to create an estimate into an invoice in Method.

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When your customer has accepted the terms of your estimate, it's time to create an invoice from that estimate.

In the last article of our onboarding series, we created a new estimate for our lead. In this article, we will create an invoice from that example estimate.

Create Invoice from Estimate

  1. While still viewing the last estimate, scroll to the bottom and expand the [∨] on the More Actions button.

  2. Click Mark as Accepted. This will set the status of the Estimate to Accepted. An invoice cannot be created from an estimate unless it has been accepted. When an estimate is accepted, you cannot edit it anymore, although you can unmark it as accepted to edit it again.

  3. Once marked as accepted, expand the [∨] on the Create button and click Create Invoice.

  4. This will create an Invoice in a Draft state with all the appropriate data from the estimate.

  5. Note that "Wait for sync approval" is still checked. If you uncheck this and hit save, this invoice will save to Xero and your lead will convert to a customer! For now, we will keep it checked so it won't sync to Xero.

  6. At the bottom, click Save to save your invoice and update the totals. Note the buttons also have a down arrow [∨] for more options:

    1. More Actions [ ∨ ]:

      • Clear / New: Clear the form and create a new estimate

      • Delete: Delete the estimate

      • Make a Copy: Copy the estimate

      • Submit for Approval: When in Draft, sets the status to Submitted.

      • Approve: When Submitted, sets the status to Authorised.

    2. Print: Creates a pdf file of the transaction which you can print. Pop-ups must be enabled for Method, else the document will be blocked and nothing will happen when you click this button. The pdf is created using a template chosen within the app preferences. The PDF link created will expire within 5 to 10 minutes. You should not reference the link in any permanent document.

    3. Send [ ∨ ]:

      • Email: Email the customer a link to their portal where they will be able to view their transactions online. You will get a preview of the email before sending it out.

      • SMS: Send an SMS to customer with a link to their portal where they will be able to view their transactions online. You will get a preview of the SMS before sending it out. Only shows if SMS is enabled in your account.

    4. Save [ ∨ ]: This button is clickable and will save the transaction.

      • Save & New: Save the invoice and clear the form to enter in a new invoice.

      • Save & Back: Save the invoice and go to the previous screen.

Congratulations! You've created your first Invoice! This concludes creating an invoice for your customer lead!

Note that we did not sync this invoice with Xero. You can, if you wish, uncheck Wait for sync approval, and this invoice will sync to Xero. Furthermore, the lead will be converted into a customer and also sync to Xero.

If you do sync the invoice and approve it, the next step in the work flow is to

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