Method's Payment App is used to record a payment, which saves a record of the received payment and updates invoices in Method and QuickBooks.

The app can also process payments made via payment gateways (e.g. credit card payments).

Log a Payment

  1. Click βŠ• New on the Payments App, or click βŠ• New Payment from the Payment List screen.

  2. This opens the New / Edit Payment screen. Under Received From*, pick the customer.

  3. The Amount will automatically will be pre-filled to the customer's latest balance. We will manually adjust it later so leave it be for now. Fill in the rest of the fields as needed. For more information on what each field means, please see our article "Log / Process a Payment."

  4. Uncheck Auto Apply Payments.

  5. Every payment needs an invoice to be applied to. Click βŠ• Select Invoices to Pay. This will bring you to a new screen.

  6. Select an invoice from the list by checking the checkbox.

  7. Click the button Add Selected Invoices.

  8. You are returned to the New / Edit Payment screen and the invoice list is populated with the invoice you selected. Click the invoice again to change the amount to pay.

  9. This will open an Adjust Payment screen. Update Amount to Pay with the partial payment.

  10. Click Save to return back to New / Edit Payment screen. Your amount and total will now be updated with the partial payment.

  11. If you want to process the payment with a credit card, for example, check Process with Payment Gateway when saving. A payment gateway needs to be setup before this is available.

    Leaving this unchecked means Method assumes the payment has already been. Please see our article Connect Payment Gateways for more information.

  12. Click Save to save the payment.

Your payment is now visible in the Payments List.

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