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How to connect gateways to receive payments in Method:CRM
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In Method, a payment gateway allows you to accept credit card payments directly within Method. Payments are facilitated by Shuttle, a global payments platform for software vendors and their merchants.

NOTE: Currently, you can only have one payment gateway set up in your account.

The Payments pop-up is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, so you can securely:

NOTE: If you are using our legacy payment gateway offering, the above payment process will look different. For documentation, please download Method:CRM - Legacy Payment Gateways PDF file.

Supported Gateways

The following payment providers are supported:

  1. CardConnect

  2. GoCardless

  3. Moneris

  4. PayPal Commerce

  5. PayPal Payflow Pro

  6. Square

*ACH is supported only on Authorize.NET, QuickBooks Payments, and Stripe (USD only).

For information on which payment gateways are available for your region, please see our article Supported Payment Gateways.

Note: Payments made through the portal are deposited to the Undeposited Funds account. Once the funds are actually deposited into a bank account, the Deposit To Account needs to manually be changed to the correct account.

Navigate to Payment Gateways Setup

1. Click the circular Preferences Icon in the upper right corner. Select Integrations from the menu.

2. On the Integrations page, click Payment Gateways. This will take you to the Payment Gateway screen.

3. On the Payment Gateways screen, click Create new payment gateway.

4. A Payments pop-up appears. Enter in your company's phone number, select your country, and check that you have read the terms and conditions. Click Next to continue. It will take a few seconds to activate.

5. You will be taken to a screen to connect your payment gateway.

From here, connect to the payment gateway you are with.

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