The Process Payment Action launches our new PCI Compliant Payments pop-up to allow you or your customer to make a payment with Credit Card or ACH.

There are two types of actions you can select for this:

  • Charge - Processes a payment for the selected amount.

  • Pre-Authorization - Save payment details for future use (processes a $1 dollar hold to verify the CC/Account).

This article will discuss the Charge action.


When you select Charge, you are given two choices on how to collect the payment details:

  • UI Widget - Collect payment details from the user who enters it in manually. If the user has multiple cards stored, they can select a card without re-entering the details manually.

  • Stored Payment Details - Use the stored payment details from the payment gateway which was entered in earlier from a previous payment.

This article will cover the two options below.

Charge using UI Widget

When this type is chosen, the user will have a prompt to enter in their payment details. 

  • Payment is for specific Entity - For anonymous payments, for example, an anonymous donation, you can uncheck this option.

  • Entity RecordID: The Record ID of the Entity (customer/vendor) who will make the payment.

  • Amount: The amount for the payment.

There are also Additional Options available for saving the entity's payment details:

  • Do not save details - Entity's payment details will not be saved.

  • Allow details to be saved - A checkbox will be shown to the user to give them an option to save the payment details for the entity.

  • Always save details - A checked checkbox is shown and greyed out informing the user the payment details will be saved. 

Charge using Stored Payment Details

When this type is chosen, the payment will be processed using the stored payment detail of the entity.

  • Entity RecordID Stored: The Record ID of the Entity (customer/vendor) who has stored payment details.

  • Payment Method ID (Optional): If the entity has more than one card saved, you can specify which one to use. If left blank, the first card will be used. 

  • Amount: The amount for the payment.

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