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How to check for updates on the Sync Engine?
How to check for updates on the Sync Engine?

Check for updates on the sync engine

Updated over a week ago

We have noticed that you are currently using the older version of the sync engine for QuickBooks. To ensure smooth operation and access to the latest version, we recommend updating to Sync Engine version 31. Here are the steps to check and update your Sync Engine:

Checking Sync Engine Version:

1. Go to the computer where your QuickBooks file is hosted and where the Sync Engine is installed.

2. Open the Sync Engine and navigate to Help > About > Version to check the current version.

Updating Sync Engine to Version 31:

1. Close the Sync Engine by restarting your QuickBooks file. Upon relaunch, you should receive a prompt to update the engine to the new version.

2. In case you missed the automatic update popup, you can manually check for updates from within the Sync Engine itself. Simply navigate to Help > Check for Updates.

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