QuickBooks Desktop uses Price Levels to allow you to charge different prices for items for certain customers. 

NOTE: Unfortunately, Method does not support Price Rules on QuickBooks Online, nor does it support Advanced Pricing on QuickBooks Enterprise on desktop.

There are two types of price levels within QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Fixed Percentage Price Level - A customer will have the price level applied to every item on a transaction.
    e.g. A 10% discount on all items.
  • Per Item Price Level - A list of specific items can have a different price, and this list can be assigned to one or more customers.
    e.g. Service items are 15% off.

In both cases, QuickBooks will automatically respect the price level given to a customer whenever the a transaction is created for a customer. 

Assign a Price Level to a Customer

Although you cannot create price levels within Method, you can assign a price level to a customer as long as the price level is first defined within Quickbooks. 

1. Open the customer from the Contacts app.
2. In the upper right hand corner, select the down arrow beside Edit Contact Details and then select Edit Customer Details.

3. Near the bottom on the Edit Customer Details screen, you will find a dropdown for Price Levels. Select and choose which price level you would like to use.

4. Click Save to save the price level setting.

Can I create a Price Level in Method?

Price levels cannot be created within Method. That's a restriction QuickBooks has implemented. So any new Price Level you want will need to be created in QuickBooks. 

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