The following steps will show you how to create a customer in Method's Contacts App. Customers are synced to QuickBooks.

Creating a New Customer

1. Click New on the Contacts App or click New Contact from your Contacts List

2. This opens a New Contact screen. Make sure the Customer option is selected under type of contact you wish to add. 

Filling out the rest of the details should be intuitive, however, there are a few fields we will clarify.

1. Name as it will show up in QuickBooks*: If and when this lead is converted, this will be the name it shows up under when looking through your customer list.
2. Sales Rep (QuickBooks Desktop only): This is the Sales Rep the lead will be assigned to.
2. Assigned To (QuickBooks Online only): Method User the lead will be assigned to.  (Not shown in above diagram.)

3. Job / Sub-customer of: To find out more information, please see our article on Customer Jobs and Sub-Customers.
4. Price Level (QuickBooks Desktop only): You can set the Price Level for this customer. 

Click Save to save the contact and customer lead, or Save & New to save and clear the fields.

You've successfully created a new customer with an associated contact!

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