The Retrieve Values from Table action will pull values from one record in a specified table.

Note: If a screen contains fields from its base table, and the Screen Active Record ID is set, then those fields will be populated with values from the table record which has a record ID equal to the Screen Active Record ID. In this case, you do not need to use the Retrieve Values from Table action. 

There are many cases, however, where you will need to pull values from a table other than the screen's base table. 

  • Select a Table: table to retrieve values from.
  • Where: Select which record to retrieve using the Criteria Builder
  • If multiple results: Normally, you would retrieve field values of only one record. However, there are cases where more than one record matches your criteria
    - First: Only pull in values of the first record.
    - Last: Only pull in values from the last record.
    - Minimum: Return the minimum numerical value of specified retrieved field.
    - Maximum: Return the maximum numerical value of specified retrieved field.
    - Sum: Return the sum of all the values of specified retrieved field.
    - Avg: Return the average of all the values of specified retrieved field.
    - Count: Count all the records of with any entry in specified retrieved field.
  • Field(s) to Retrieve: add any number of fields from a record and select where you wish to place the values (whether it be in an action result or a screen control).

    Note, when Sum, Avg, or Count is chosen, then the returned values will be the results as returned by those functions. 
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