The Retrieve Value from Email Gadget action will pull values from an email when used within a screen that is being customized for the Outlook Email Gadget.

Because the Outlook Email Gadget allows for customizable screens, this action provides a way to get values from the email itself, for example, the email address.

If this action is used on a screen that is not part of the email gadget, then a blank value is returned.


Value(s) to Retrieve - a dropdown of fields you can retrieve from the email:

  • Body
  • CC Email(s)
  • CC Name(s)
  • From Email
  • From Name
  • Subject
  • To Email(s)
  • To Name(s)

Place The Value Here - a dropdown to store the retrieved value in:

  • User Defined - Action Result or Shared Result
  • Screen Control - controls on the screen that can be updated

⊕ Add Another Value - The action has the option to return more than one value by selecting

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